Were you appointed a new Jail Training Officer?


We understand what it is like to be given the keys and to have the following questions:

  • What are my job duties for new employees?
  • How do I teach someone the basics, encourage them, evaluate their performance, and ultimately release them to work on their own?
  • How do I prepare to ensure the best possible training outcome for my trainees?
  • Why are there no JTO-specific training classes, ONLY Field Training Officers classes?

We know this feeling and have created an STC 40-hour JTO course to help you with all these questions and more. Our course is designed to help trainers build on the skills their trainees learn during the Standards and Training for Corrections Adult Corrections Officer Core Course. Our class is different because it was created by two correctional officers with more than 60 years of combined experienced. They both served as JTOs with their agencies, so they understand a jail training program’s pressures, expectations, and challenges.

Instructors use scenario-based interactive training throughout the course. They discuss the different learning styles or domains of learning while providing a variety of methods trainers can use to overcome them, including changing their way of teaching to meet trainee needs. They provide students with proven tools and techniques to keep their trainees interested in learning and completing the training process.

During our course, JTOs will learn:

  • How to write effective evaluations focusing on the importance of objectivity, competency, documentation, and presentation.
  • How to identify and reduce disruptive behaviors that can hinder learning.
  • Develop skills to help their trainees master everyday tasks, protocols, policies, and procedures of correctional facilities.
  • Explore effective communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving roles in a training program and learn ways to improve their skills and those of their trainees.
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) including; delve into the history, purpose, and importance of PREA in correctional facilities.
  • Legal and liability issues associated with training and working in a correctional facility, including the topics of negligent hiring, training, promotion, and retention.
  • What are the consequences of not addressing or mitigating issues of negligent hiring or training!!!!

Join our instructors for an excellent learning opportunity, a few fun stories, and valuable information to take back to your agency. They provide students with the goals and objectives necessary for positive outcomes and a successful jail training program. They will share what worked and did not work for them throughout their careers as trainers. They aim to ensure students return to their agency more confident and with a better understanding of their duties and a correctional facility training program.