Tracy Zuber


Tracy Zuber


Tracy recently retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department where she spent almost 20 years as an Administrative Manager dealing with Workers’ Compensation, Human Resources, Risk Management, and employee wellness issues.

Tracy Zuber is an adjunct instructor for Rancho Santiago Community College and Golden West Community College. She teaches for the Orange County Sheriff’s Training Academy, the Government Training Agency, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium, and California State University Long Beach. She is the POST Quality Assurance Program Train the Trainer. Tracy has over a decade of experience as a POST Master Instructor. She is an Instructor Development Institute IDI 3 and Master Instructor mentor.

  • Bachelor of Science – Business Management
  • Master of Arts – Organizational Management
  • Certification – CIT 3 Advanced Certification

Tracy received a Professional Services Command Award of Excellence from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 2015, and a Certificate of Excellence from the Instructor Development Institute-Mentor Program in 2013.

  • Court and Temporary Holding Facilities
  • Managing Inmate Rights Liabilities
  • Interacting with the Mentally Ill
  • Distribution of Supplies and Commissary / Inmate Programs
  • Civilian Supervisory Skills
  • Dispatch Supervisory Skills
  • CIT 1, 2, and 3
  • Promoting Organizational Health and Wellness