21 CLETS Team Building Workshops


The 21 CLETS Team Building Workshop is inclusive, educational, and provides a roadmap for the future. We’ll invest our time, energy, and knowledge into your organization in order to provide enhanced law enforcement services to your communities. With a staff based in California, we’re knowledgeable of what it takes for law enforcement agencies across our great state to build a bridge to success.

Our Team

Our team of experts ranges from police chiefs, captains, sergeants, corrections officers, dispatchers, and dispatch supervisors, and administrative staff members. Collectively, we bring 300 years of knowledge to help your organization establish goals and objectives for the present and the future.

How We Make It Happen

Our team will meet with you and the command staff to understand your goals and objectives for the upcoming year and the next five years. This meeting is your opportunity to voice any concerns you might have with the team before we cohesively develop a successful plan for the workshop. We ask detailed agency-specific questions before we put together a roadmap. We then follow up with a written call to action for every organization member including specific responsibilities with timelines.

We’ll Take Away The Most Famous Words in Law Enforcement

Our plan will ensure that everyone has a voice to help understand the process, procedures, concerns, and areas for improvement. Since our team members are life-long public servants themselves, we know that the question of “why” is often followed up “because that is the way we have always done it” when it comes to implementing changes in law enforcement organizations. We’ll help workshop attendees understand and feel confident in the skills they learn so they move forward with something “new.”

Our Workshop is Based on The Code of Ethics

The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics was not simply something memorized in the academy to pass inspections. It is a code to which we all have subscribed, and we’ve intertwined it into our workshops.

Your Workshop Facilitators


Tami Grammer

william fogarty

William Fogarty

mel roberts

Mel Roberts


Nash Sadjadi


Bill Massey


Rick Munder

william fogarty

Paul Kunkel

mel roberts

Tracy Zuber


Jeff Profio

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