Tactical Dispatching


Being a dispatcher is exciting and challenging; however, there can be significant consequences if those actively working in the field do not receive adequate training or support. It is imperative to continually train and refine oneself as a dispatcher to adapt to the ever-increasing number of high-priority and progress events.

We developed a 24-hour course will benefit dispatchers wanting to join tactical dispatch teams and those who are already members. Our course will provide students with the knowledge of what it truly means to be a tactical dispatcher and help them better prepare for active unfolding situations that are becoming more prevalent in today’s world. The course covers the fundamentals of tactical and incident dispatching. Students will understand team dynamics and how important it is to work in a team versus an individual setting. During the course, students will define the different types of teams (i.e., SWAT, SRT, CNT, Task Forces, etc.) that a tactical dispatcher might utilize, the team members, and the roles and duties of each. Students will understand what qualities and characteristics are desirable in a tactical dispatcher to ensure the most successful and efficient team.

The course includes an in-depth discussion on the expectations of a tactical dispatcher, like the challenging demands of their time, refreshing their skills, improving their knowledge, and how the job can affect their personal life. Dispatcher wellness, the ever-important topic, is also covered by providing ways to take care of themselves physically during stressful and intense situations and remain mentally and emotionally healthy.

This highly participative class with tons of learning activities uses real-life examples to learn from the experience of those who have encountered previous significant events. Students will use the class’s newly learned information and skills to analyze these scenarios and create an action plan. The course will end by having students work as members of a SWAT team in a scenario where they must put their newly gained knowledge into practice. These scenarios will allow students to apply and observe what they learned in the course material play out in a live situation, ultimately giving them a glimpse of the excitement and challenges found in this type of dispatch and how a tactical team dynamic works.

This course aims to prepare all 911 dispatchers, not just tactical dispatchers, for planned and unplanned high-priority events. The course curriculum is designed to help dispatchers have versatility and adaptability during these situations and their daily dispatch tasks. The skills learned in this course will also build confidence in even the most senior dispatchers, as there can never be too many skills in a dispatch toolbox.

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Shannon Polito

Kari Pierce