Ryan Harder


Ryan Harder has been a pilot at United Airlines for 15 years. Hired in 2005, he began on the 737 as a first officer and one year later flew the 757/767 for 7 ½ years. He currently has over 15500 hours of flight time and over 4000 hours as a 737 Captain. Ryan upgraded to 737 Captain in 2013 and became a 737 Line Check Airman in 2014. He thoroughly enjoyed working as an LCA for 5 years and in 2019 became a 737 Quality Control Line Check Airman in SFO. Ryan is committed to cultivating a positive and supportive work environment. As a current member of the Flight Standards Team, his goal is to help others succeed while fostering professional and open communication between all Instructors and their students. Ryan began instructing at 22 years old teaching people how to fly airplanes. He accumulated over 1200 hours of instruction time in aircraft and thousands more in the classroom. He also developed programs for those interested in flying in mountainous environments.
Ryan received a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Criminology Certificate from the University of Utah. He has excelled in his aviation career by expanding his teaching into a high-stress environment of commercial aviation.
  • Situational Awareness