Qualified, Passionate Subject Matter Experts


In having a diverse group of instructors with a depth of practical experience. Our instructors should have relevant knowledge that is transferable to application in the workplace and they will stay current on their areas of knowledge. Our instructors should be held accountable for the information they are sharing through class reviews and critiques. Our instructors provide a dynamic, positive experience for the students, fellow instructors and organizations.

Steve Burgess

Dr. Janet Childs

Daniel Chui

Ed Colson

William Fogarty

Tim Gatto

Heather Gonzalez

Tami Grammer

Christina MacDougall

Fred Haney

cait fournier

Mel Roberts

Nashmeel Sadjadi

Bill Massey

David Cameron

Eric Woodford

Brandon Vaccaro

Ryan Harder

Kari Pierce

Shannon Polito

Rick "Mudd" Munder

Paul Kunkel

Tracy Zuber

Jeff Profio

Debra Konstantakos

Brian Misener

Brian Misener

Elizabeth Burson-Thomas

Elizabeth Burson-Thomas

Cassie Sexton

Cassie Sexton

Vera Garrard

Vera Garrard