Happy End of The Fiscal Year!


The end of the 2021 Fiscal Year and the beginning of summer blend together to form a wonderful time of scheduling new classes and prepping for the return to in-person training! We know people are getting ready for summer vacations with sunscreen, hot dogs, adult beverages, and Muertos Coffee! We suggest spending time with your family in the Bay Area and visiting our friends at Garza Family Farms.

In-Person Instruction

Our instructors are now available for in-person classes at your agency and local businesses. We would love to work with local businesses that want to ensure seamless integration with your organization. Our experience working with businesses in our communities includes live training to thoroughly understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

Active Shooter-Related Classes

We know you like to #beprepared for the upcoming year. You can do just that with new information from our Active Shooter class, in which you will explore various responses and training for Dispatchers using Virtual Reality for gunshot recognition, evacuation procedures, and preplanning for Tactical Dispatchers! We combine that with our new Communications Training Officer class to make sure you are ready for when the next event occurs with a plan of action.

You can view more information about these and other classes by clicking here.

Coming Soon – POST Approved Team Building Workshop

We launched a new service, POST-approved Team Building Workshop, for organizations, and as a POST-approved facilitator, we look forward to working with you. We started this service as a result of suffering through numerous experiences in the classroom and at conferences. Often, we try team building to “bring peace,” but seldom do a deep dive to figure out why an organization has issues or problems. We know you might have experienced a lot of recent changes with staffing, including supervisors. Whenever there is a large amount of change, it brings forward an opportunity to rebuild the culture or recapture the greatness from before. We will help you get there by working with you, all members of the staff, and the community. What makes our workshops unique is the ability to select from our diverse group of facilitators who are not just retired police chiefs. We have POST Master Instructors to help get the conversation started, unearthing any lingering resentments, and design a path forward for the organization’s success. If you would like to learn more, our webpage is coming soon, and you can email us at info@21clets.com.

The Best is Yet To Come

Finally, life is short; live it! Mike Tyson is famous for the saying, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Well, what is your plan for the summer, and how prepared are you to overcome the challenges you face? We are in the middle of the largest wave of retirements in the history of our profession; whether due to age, rebuke from the community, or tired of giving up those birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, agencies need to have a succession plan to continue to operate. I appreciate you and your efforts! Know that that darkest storm arrives before the brightest days! I know that we will be able to emerge from today even better than we were before, and in our local area, it appears the public has shifted to greater support of Law Enforcement.

Take care of yourself and each other!