FAA Part 107 Certification


FAA Part 107 Certification

The FAA Part 107 certificate has many advantages for drone pilots versus flying under the recreational exemption. As many people have already discovered, penalties for not following FAA regulations can be expensive. Safety is always top priority in aviation and the FAA expects every aircraft, whether occupied by a pilot or not, to comply with all regulations to operate as safely as possible.

Thanks to recent regulatory changes, having a Part 107 certificate allows remote pilots to fly at night and over people without waivers. Recreational remote pilots do not have the ability to gain authorization to fly in controlled airspace as Part 107 remote pilots can. Part 107 remote pilots also have the ability to apply for waivers to many of the regulations. Need to put on a drone light show? There’s a waiver for that. Need to fly out of direct line of sight? There’s a waiver for that. With so many tools available, the possibilities are almost endless with this technology.

Our Part 107 class

Our FAA Part 107 program provides the necessary training to operate safely within the FAA regulations. We also provide real remote flight training to give operators the skill required to not just fly safe, but to hone their skills and be proficient for whatever type of sUAS operation they have. Our 2-day course allows for study time, classroom learning, and practical flight training. We also will set up the UAG (sUAS Initial Knowledge Test) for you at no extra cost. Insurance is also important when flying drones and we have partnered with SkyWatch.AI to provide a 15% discount to all of our students.

To fly any sUAS for ANY amount or type of compensation, you must have a Part 107 certification or risk steep fines from the FAA. We have the necessary training for all remote pilots to earn money flying drones legally. With so many applications in so many fields, drones are fast becoming the new way to inspect, video, photograph, survey, map, and deliver goods. Let 21CLETS UAS provide you with the training to operate safely and legally.

Fines ranging from $5000 to $230K have been issued to remote pilots by the FAA for violating regulations.

We would love to give you more information at our class and register you today! 

-Ryan Harder-21 CLETS, LLC UAS Civilian Applications