Communications Training Officer


 As many 911 Communication Centers have an increased number of trainees progressing through training programs each year; it is even more important for Communication Training Officers (CTO) to provide high quality control on the people they train. CTO’s are often taught the basic skills needed to train someone to become a 911 dispatcher however, how many are provided with tools to help them work through a variety of challenges experienced during a training assignment? CTO’s who are equipped with the right approach, tools, and support will be more likely to have trainees who are confident and want to stay with the agency long-term.

As a CTO’s having an opportunity to learn in an interactive environment; utilizing dispatch training based scenarios and case studies will allow for a better understanding of effective communication in a training environment. You will be able to recognize and mitigate various types of behaviors that hinder learning, as well as utilize trainee aptitudes. You will develop understanding and skills to effectively approach different trainee traits to create a safe learning environment. You will also be able to explain the qualities of instructional leadership and how those qualities impact law enforcement communications dispatch training. Additionally, you will discover the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness improving your and your trainee’s coping skills and reducing stress. You will learn tools, techniques, and methods for a positive approach to the challenges of emergency communications training that you can utilize and share with your co-workers and agency. Learning to work positively through training challenges may increase trainee success while decreasing trainer fatigue and stress. Welcome to a new training environment where you and your trainee thrive and careers are developed.

You can find out more by meeting me in class on May, 3, 2021!

Take care, Tami Grammer