Brandon Vaccarro


Brandon Vaccarro

Brandon Vaccaro has always had a passion to support his community and help implement the next Generation First Responders with the tools they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing fast environment. Brandon started Volunteering as a Fire Support Unit in the fire service back in 2000 through 2013. He supported all fire agencies in San Mateo County with rehab services, during that time on scenes he would also test different up and coming technologies that are now in use in fire service today. Brandon has also been a volunteer in law enforcement for over 18 years with the Belmont Police Department. He runs a mobile command post for SWAT call outs and major incidents supporting command staff and tactical dispatchers. Brandon brings multifaceted talents to the table in the field to solve problems on the fly and to think outside the box.

Brandon has also been a photographer for 19 years with multiple agencies in different realms. He is a public safety technology consultant helping design products for companies and testing behind the scenes.

Brandon has worked in Airport Operations at San Mateo County Airports and SFO for a major airline. In 2014 Brandon Started his journey to bring his expert knowledge in UAS Drone Technology into public safety locally in the Bay Area. He was the first Pilot to fly for CHP during a major injury accident, Menlo Park Fire during a major grass fire and many other agencies. Both those calls had no air support available where it was needed to get eyes on things from above and to document the scene. The case studies opened the door for agencies to start looking at the technology. Brandon has presented too many stakeholders and agencies on how UAS / Drone technology and aerial views can help make spit second decisions, save-lives and protect the public and personnel in the field. Through his many years of flying and testing, he has designed his own training strategies and case studies to help other pilots.

  • Volunteer of Year 2017 For Youtube Mass Shooting

  • Volunteer of Year 2009