2022 You Made It!


I want to give you a congratulations for making it to 2022! It was a long year for everyone, and it seemed never ending! We hope that 2022, brings you an amazing year of wonderful experiences to counterbalance the past two years. This new year will bring many changes to Public Safety and new classes for you. Governor Newsom signed over 700 bills that became law on January 1, 2022! Our class next week is filled with over 45 people signed up to learn how it impacts you and your organization moving forward including minimum hiring standards. If you are unable to attend because class is filled send me an email and we will get you in touch with our instructor! I believe in 2022, we have a great reason to be looking forward to the future.

Positive Outlook

I am a student of history with an understanding that often it repeats over and over. To this end, if you look at the end of the Spanish Flu pandemic the great era of the Roaring 20’s was born. I believe we are not to far away from this happening and suggest get yourself ready for an amazing summer ahead where finally we can all enjoy a day at the pool or beach over your favorite beverage. We will begin scheduling in person classes throughout California after March of 2022. You can always find our classes upcoming in your area by clicking on 21 CLETS, LLC or 21 CLETS LLC, UAS.

The Future

Our future will continue to bring your current and relevant information. However, we are looking at new ways to deliver this training including the use of Virtual Reality, Online classes, and the Metaverse. This is exciting on many levels but especially because we are learning about the future and helping to shape it for you! We are heavily invested in embracing change and being an early adopter to help you navigate the future! I know change is hard for a lot of people and much of our institutional knowledge has left in wave after wave of retirements. We will find the way to deliver relevant information from the generations before us.

Thank You

I appreciate you daily with what we are able to accomplish together for Public Safety. I have felt the personal attacks that blister our profession deeply. I know how difficult to even have a voice to state facts versus fiction. This is a challenging time for us all in Public Safety however, we will make it through. Again, referencing history if you looked at times of great unrest the thin blue line is what helped navigate the uncertainty of the future. You are all my brothers and sisters in this team effort to stem the tide of darkness and move into the light of the future. I am always here for you if you need an ear, a cup of coffee, or just to vent.

Take care of yourself and others, Bill